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Frequently Asked Questions

What do I do if I have been involved in an accident? How do I start an Insurance Claim on my damages?

Your health and safety is the most important. Are you okay? Next, you will need to make an insurance claim through SGI. Please click on Start SGI Claim – Click Here or phone the local SGI Claims branch at (306) 778-4900. Note:

  1. If your vehicle is unsafe or unable to be driven, it will usually be towed through the insurance claims department and then brought to the shop you indicate you want to repair your vehicle.  Please phone or email us to let us know your vehicle is coming to our shop so we can get a file started for you and speed up the process.
  2. If your vehicle is driveable you can indicate you wish Klassen Autobody to be your repair shop. The SGI adjuster has the choice of whether they want to provide the estimate at their facility or if they want to send the estimate assignment to Klassen Autobody. In most instances where the vehicle is drivable they will send the assignment to our office. Note – It’s important to provide sufficient details about all of the areas damaged on your vehicle that resulted from the accident in your report so they won’t be denied by the insurance company.
  3. If you already have your SGI estimate completed and can provide us your license number and SGI claim number, we can download it from the SGI website and start the repair process.
  4. If you are from out of province or country, contact your insurance company and ask permission to have the vehicle towed to our repair shop for an estimate. Have them contact us with authority to proceed also.

What do I do if my vehicle has hail damage?

If you have had the misfortune of your vehicle being damaged by hail, we provide both PDR (paintless dent repair) and conventional hail repair methods. The type of repair used is determined by the severity of the hail damage and whether the hail dents cracked any paint on your vehicle.

You begin the process by contacting your insurance company and beginning an insurance claim. You can follow the link provided under the FAQ

Do you provide courtesy or rental cars?

We do own a number of courtesy and rental vehicles. We also partner with Enterprise and other rental companies to provide you with great rates and service for cars, trucks, and SUV’s if your rental is not covered by insurance.

There is no cost to you for the use of one of our courtesy vehicles. We provide them cleaned, serviced and full of gas. Once your vehicle is finished, we ask our courtesy vehicle is returned full of gas (which you would be using if you were in your own vehicle)

We will also book your rental at time of scheduling repairs to your vehicle. Please let us know if you will need a courtesy or rental at that time so we can prepare for a vehicle.

Did you know you can add “loss of use” for a vehicle rental to your package policy for little cost? Make sure and ask your insurance broker about it when you are renewing your package policy!

What is betterment or depreciation applied by an Insurance Company?

If you don’t have a policy carrying “replacement cost coverage,” insurance companies will expect you to pay betterment or depreciation on any mechanical parts that have a limited lifetime. i.e. if the battery is damaged from the accident and is 3 years old. The insurance company expects an average battery life to be 5 years. In this situation the owner would be expected to pay 3/5 of the new battery cost due to depreciation.

When will my vehicle be ready?

The short answer – we don’t know exactly and there are a number of reasons we don’t. On smaller repair jobs we can usually estimate the length of time the vehicle will be in the shop with some accuracy. Modern vehicles have multiple computers and safety technology built into them. We perform a Pre-Repair Scan of the vehicle prior to starting repairs. Once the vehicle is repaired and reassembled we perform a Post-Repair Scan to verify all the electronics and safety technology is performing as it is supposed to. Often a damaged electrical safety item is only detectable near completion and full assembly of the vehicle which can lengthen the time for repairs if another part is needed. Another reason is the availability of parts. Modern vehicles are built with more plastic and composite metal parts that must be replaced if damaged. It’s rare to disassemble a vehicle that has sustained considerable damage from a collision and not discover some hidden damage. This can only be discovered upon complete teardown and requires ordering additional pieces. Our promise to you is: once we begin repairs on your vehicle we will stay working on it using all the resources required to complete the repairs as quickly as possible with a safe quality repair upon completion.

Why do you want a copy of my package policy?

If we have a copy of your package policy and the name of the broker where you purchased the policy, we can correctly determine your deductible, whether you have LOU (loss of use), and if you have replacement cost insurance coverage. If you have replacement cost coverage your insurance company will pay for all new original factory parts instead of paying for only used or aftermarket parts if they are available.

Why do you do estimates by appointment?

To minimize our clients wait time when bringing their vehicle to us for an estimate. We schedule a specific block of time for you which allows us to give you our full and undivided attention during that time.

Many times if a client stops by without scheduling their estimate, we cannot accommodate them immediately because we are assigned many SGI collision estimates. These usually take 30 – 60 minutes to complete with all the photos and documentation insurance companies require. We do multiple insurance assigned estimates daily, often scheduled in consecutive time slots. So, to respect your wait time we schedule appointments.

Do you do restoration work, complete paint jobs, or fix rust?

We specialize in collision repair work and hail damage. The equipment, training and salary costs to provide a current top-rated collision and hail repair facility are much higher than for a restoration facility. Doing restoration work costs much less for equipment, training and salaries in comparison. There are shops that have taken a different business route and specialize in restoration, rust repairs and complete paint jobs. They can offer this work at a lower cost due to not needing the specialized equipment and training as a current collision repair facility.

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